OA Training


Training is a key part of the Order of the Arrow program. Through the wide variety of available trainings, new members can learn how to take advantage of the opportunities available to them, youth leaders can learn how to run a successful lodge or chapter, advisers can learn how to support and guide the youth, and any member can learn more about the rich history and broad scope of the Order of the Arrow. Training is how we communicate tried-and-true methods of running a quality program and prepare the next generation to take on the leadership of our multifaceted Order.

Training can be utilized at every level of the OA, from chapter meetings to national conferences. Most training at the lodge and chapter level comes through the Lodge Leadership Development program. Sections are encouraged to offer some of the more specialized trainings found in the Conclave Training Initiative sessions. Up-and-coming youth leaders and adult advisors are encouraged to attend the National Leadership Seminar, and adult advisers may also attend its counterpart, the Developing Youth Leadership Conference. All members attending the National Order of the Arrow Conference are encouraged to take advantage of the wide variety of courses offered there as well.